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Taproot allows you to support “how and why” journalism about the Edmonton area

Taproot Edmonton is a home for local journalism created with the community and not simply for it. Our members are invited to:

  • Ask questions
  • Cultivate ideas
  • Support meaningful local journalism

Taproot is primarily member-funded, with other revenue streams developed over time in service of the members and the journalism they make possible.

Unlike many subscription-based services, Taproot is not selling access to exclusive content. The stories (or videos or infographics or whatever suits the journalistic needs of an idea) will be published openly. Rather, paying members will have the power to be involved in the process from beginning to end. Here's how it works:

Taproot process

The Team

The partners are Mack Male, a longtime blogger, community organizer and software developer; and Karen Unland, a former journalist turned entrepreneur and champion of local blogs and podcasts.

Mack Male


Karen Unland


Taproot represents the culmination of the kind of work we have engaged in for over a decade, sometimes separately and sometimes in collaboration. The conditions are right to go all in on this. We are deeply steeped in the current thinking about the future of local journalism, and believe strongly that Taproot can help advance that conversation.


Let's move this project forward together!

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